When I was a child in Ghana, skin sensitivity and blemishes were never an issue for me. Living here in the U.S., I noticed that my kids began to develop sensitivity to some of the commercial soaps and lotions. I changed their skin care regimen to include organic soaps, butters, and oils that were similar to the ones I used growing up in Ghana. I saw major improvements right away. Shortly afterward, Nature’s Beauti Bar was born.

We are a black, family-owned business that makes all of our own products both in (name of village?), Ghana and in the U.S. Our products are handmade from fresh, 100% organic ingredients. Everything we make is shipped to you from our location in the U.S. so you can count on getting fresh products fast. We offer a variety of payment plans to make our products accessible to everyone.

Glowing, moisturized skin is one of the first visible signs of health. Nature’s Beauti Bar is here to help you achieve it naturally.

Our Mission – A Skincare Brand with a Purpose

You already know that when you make a purchase from Nature’s Beauti Bar, you are treating yourself to high-quality organic, hand-made skin care products at an affordable price. But did you know you are also helping to provide full-time jobs to some of the hardest-working, most deserving women you will ever meet back in Ghana? These women face a variety of challenges as Ghana tries to modernize its views on the role of women. Financial independence is one key to helping them develop their full potential. The other is education. In addition to paying the women fair wages, Nature’s Beauti Bar contributes a portion of the money you spend toward building and maintaining a school for underprivileged children in our village. This means that with every purchase you make from Nature’s Beauti Bar, you are supporting our mission of making life better for the women, the children, and the future of Ghana. We at Nature’s Beauti Bar thank you.