Sapo Original African Exfoliating Sponge + 1 Free Turmeric Soap

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Using the right product with the wrong apparatus is totally unacceptable . Get ready to throw all your bacteria carrying wash rags in the trash. 🗑

If you desire to get the best results out of all our natural soaps, then you absolutely NEED the original African Exfoliating sponge in your life !

Benefits of African Sponge includes

1• Increases Foam and lather
2• Reduces the amount of soap and water needed for shower 🚿
3• Dries out super fast because of the holes
4• Prevents the accumulation of germs and bacteria
5• Allows you to effectively clean all areas of your body including the BACK which is very hard to reach with the traditional wash rag.
6• Improves blood circulation
7• Reinforce the effectiveness of your cream or balm after the bath thanks to a better absorption by the skin.
8• Very practical and light, it gets carried everywhere 
9• Fights against ingrown hairs

How to use 

•Moisten the sponge and lather your choice of Naturesbeautibar soap simultaneously by rubbing it.

• After your shower, shake the sponge to remove any water and allow to it dry.

DISCLAIMER : Please do not use the net sponge if you have skin issues, it’s always best to see a doctor. It is recommended to use only on healthy skins.


No Returns or Refunds due to the nature of this product.


Customer Reviews

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DAlhiove Etienne

Amazing product

never felt cleaner

This scrubs so well -- will never return to a loofah! My mid-back is so happy to be scrubbed.

The BEST washcloth I've ever used!

I've been using this washcloth for a couple of months and I've been loving my experience with it! I feel the exfoliation on my skin with each wash and would highly recommend.

Tiffanie Bernard

Sapo Original African Exfoliating Sponge

Shanelle Pickraum
Sapo Exfoliator

I have wanted to try a sapo sponge for a while now. After using it for a little over 3 weeks now I can say that I'm not sure why I didn't try it soonger. It lathers up just as a loofa poof or even wash cloth. It makes my skin feel good with my favorite liquid soap.

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